About JingMui

Name: JingMui

Webmistress of Nancy Sit Fan Site

Have been an active fan of Nancy Sit since: 1996 ~1997  in A Kindred Spirit

Favourite Role in a drama:  Yau Nim Chi in Virtues of Harmony I

Favourite Role in a movie:  Ma Pik San in Teddy Girls [1969]

Favourite Drama (by Nancy): Virtues of Harmony I & Double Happiness

Favourite Movie (by Nancy):  Black Rose II (simply because I haven’t had the chance to watch that many)

Favourite Singers (other than Nancy): Hacken Lee, Eason Chan, Miriam Yeung, Joey Yung, Sammi Cheng

Favourite Partnership (with Nancy): Melvin Wong

Favourite collaboration: Nancy Sit & Chilam Cheung & Charmaine Sheh in Return of the Cuckoo

Drama I wish she filmed, but TVB didn’t do: Armed Reaction III & Treasures Hunter

To clarify, as many fans have come here thinking Nancy Sit made this site — hehe I think she is too busy to make a website — I am not Nancy Sit, nor am I her relative, manager, agent, product manager [or any of the other things I’ve heard hahaha~] etc  I am just an avid fan who has grown up watching her dramas and performances and feel inspired by her life stories, her attitude, her personality and her professionalism. It’s simply too much for me to write in words.

I was very fortunate though in 2010 I go to meet Nancy Sit for the very first time. In fact, there were many 1st times for me to interact with her in 2010. Click on the links to read about it!