Birthday Calendar 2010

Birthday Calendar to Nancy Sit
Tuesday, Mar 23, 2010
Around January, I began preparing for Nancy Sit’s birthday as last year it was just a simple birthday card as I was much more worried about Nancy Sit’s health condition. Originally I intended something to be TVB related for Nancy but due to my language barrier, that did not happen. Perhaps I will try this “plan” of mine later and more in advance. In February, Nancy Sit’s baidu fans collaborated with the Danny Lau Dan baidu fans as well as Born Rich baidu fans on creating a big pamphlet of birthday messages from fans to give to Nancy Sit on her birthday. It was also decided that we could do “fan projects” for Nancy Sit’s birthday. Since a message book was already created, I decided to create a calendar for Nancy Sit’s birthday. Actually a baidu fan suggested it to me since it was apparently really popular to do so. Although, I’ve never really seen anyone make a calendar before. Haha! I later realized that the message book being created consisted mainly of the baidu fans and I noticed our overseas fans didn’t exactly have the same oppportunity. So then I decided to message some affiliates I knew that weren’t included in the Chinese Message Book into the calendar as well. Yesterday, the calendar was officially complete and binded! I took pictures to share with you all before I prepare to send the calendar over to Hong Kong Metro Radio Station / Mother Hong Kong Arts Centre. 


Cover & Inner Page : My message was hand written and it looked really ugly. I didn’t realize how ugly it was until I actually got it printed. I need to work on my calligraphy. So I decided to crop my message out from the pictures.

The two messages here are from Pleshy(Pockey-World) and Lynee (TVB Horizon)!

January & February

March & April : April didn’t come out right. It was too dark and the clerk said she tried to lighten the pictures. She didn’t seem to want to print it out for me again. I hope Nancy wouldn’t mind. I actually really liked April the most but now it comes out pixelated. 😦

May & June

July & August

September & October

November & December

End Pages with Messages from Jennifer ( , Madam Leung (Tenderhearted Teresa), Blossom (Glamour Gigi), Vivien (TVB Elicit & Nancy Wu Network), Lily Lee (Lovable Linda) as well as fan created banners & Past Layouts of Nancy Sit Fan Site!

THANK YOU again to all those who have participated!
As well as thank you to all who tried to reach the deadline, truly understand it’s difficult during this time of the year! Don’t worry there will always be next time! 😀