In her acting career, Nancy Sit has won much recognition. Since the 60s she has been awarded with many Top 10 Favourite Celebrity awards, Top 10 Best Artistes, Top 10 Most Favourite Female Actress and her success continues to grow. Over the years her kindness in contributions to charities has spread to many places all over the world. She has also taken many responsibilities as Health Ambassador, Environmental Safety Ambassador, Traffic Safety Ambassador, Equality Ambassador and much more. She has become the first female entertainer to proclaim the medal of honor: The Government of Hong Kong’s Special Administrative Region Award.

1999: TVB All-Time Most Memorable Female Leading Roles- Leung Yuen Ho (A Kindred Spirit)
2000 :

  • after Nancy began hosting 《家天下》, she became the new Broadcast Queen as she captured the hearts of many family listeners
  • TVB: My Most Favourite Character – Chu Sa Giu (Return of the Cuckoo)
  • Nominated for TVB’s Best Actress for her portrayal as Chu Sa Giu in Return of the Cuckoo


  • TVB My Most Favourite Character – Yau Nim Chi (Virtues of Harmony)
  • Metro Radio’s Most Popular Entertainer Award – Nancy Sit

2002: Nominated for TVB’s Best Actress for her portrayal of Yau Nim Chi in Virtues of Harmony
2003: The First Artiste to ever be awarded the Medal of HonourThe Medal of Honour (榮譽勳章) is awarded to citizens who have shown outstanding contributions to society

  • Astro Wah Lai Toi: Top 10 My Most Favourite Character Award – Yau Nim Chi (Virtues of Harmony)
  • Metro Radio Black and White Television Characters Awards – Yau Nim Chi (Virtues of Harmony)

2006: At Nan Feng awards show, 南方都市報 presented her with the award [十年榮譽專欄作家] (Decade Honour’s Columnist)
2007: At the TVS Awards Show, Nancy Sit wins “My Most Favourite Cute Actress”
2008: Nominated for TVB’s Best Actress for her portrayal of Choi Siu Dip in Silver Chambers of Sorrows
2010: TVB StarHub Award: My Most Memorable Female Character as Leung Yuen Ho (A Kindred Spirit)

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Mother Hong Kong Arts Centre
Opened up in the year 2004 in hopes of nurturing children’s abilities and teaching them to develop their potentials. Nancy Sit has cooperated with many children, performing at shows and singing songs for her album. Through the use of an Arts Centre, she has successfully educated students the meaning of respect and care for their elders.
Courses include jazz dancing, hip hop, singing, musical theatre, public speaking,comedy etc.

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